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LOLER Inspection Servicing Oxford Standaid
Why is it so essential?

6 Reasons why you should have your equipment serviced

  1. It's the law
  2. Safety
  3. Repairs & Spares
  4. Peace of mind
When we service a hoist and certify it to be safe, we will give you a certificate confirming it has passed its LOLLER test. Loller stands for Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations. These regulations require any lifting equipment which bears a 'load' to be tested for safety. For hoists and slings, this should be done every six months. For beds, a Loller inspection should be done  yearly. 
Using a hoist which hasn't been serviced regularly is like driving a car without an MOT. To the everyday user of this equipment, substantial safety concerns can be easily missed. 

We specialise in ensuring that any hoist we pass is fit for purpose. 


Excellent Pass Rates​

Over the course of inspecting, we estimate to have failed only around 2% of mechanical equipment. Under 1% of those we fail are unable  to be repaired and are permanently decommisioned, usually due to age. 
Much more often do we see "passable" but potentially  unsafe hoists which simply need their regular service to be put back into acceptable conditions.
Saturn Medical excels at making sure you get the most out of each and every piece of lifting equipment you own. Such equipment tends to be very expensive so why let them fail before their time? Even the smallest issues can cause tremendous damage over time if left unfixed. 
 All of our Engineer's carry a substantial set of spare parts onboard to their services. This allows faulty or near faulty parts to be fixed giving you the least downtime possible. If we do not have the part on board, we have a near instant ordering system which allows us get your important equipment up and running in no time.
Nothing is more unnerving than watching a vunerable person being hoisted 4 feet into the air by a failing unserviced hoist or a sling with growing tears 
Our services guarantee your staff and residents will be more at  ease knowing the equipment you have has been fully inspected qand certified.
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