LOLER Inspection Servicing Oxford Presence 227kg Hoist
Fast Response Call-Out
Highly Reliable Servicing
24 Hour Break Down
  1. Servicing & Inspection
    Saturn Medical don't just certify your equipment, we bring them back to their optimum performance. Each piece of equipment is not only checked for danger, it's checked for optimisation. A well-serviced hoist can be considerably easier and safer to use while extending its life for years. We don't don't offer inspections without a service because we don't believe a job half done is a job done right. All at no extra cost.
  2. 24 Hour Call-Out services
    Those in need of lifting equipment don't just stop being ill in the middle of the night. Each day, all customers in our accounts are assigned an emergency technician on our system. If your equipment breaks down in the middle of the night, call us and you'll be in contact with your assigned technician within seconds.
  3. Free Battery Tests on Service or Repair
    If you have a problem with any of your batteries while we're already on site, let us know and we will inspect and attempt to repair them free of charge. You only pay parts price for any replacement batteries we fit. We carry a good stock of the most popular battery types in our vehicles.
  4. Second Hand Parts
    We hold a large stock of second-hand parts which are great for homes not looking to spend a fortune. All of our second-hand stock is disinfected, load tested and inspected. Not only that, but our parts come with a 6-month guarantee.
  5. Free Replacement Certificate Copies
    Lost one or more of your inspection certificates? Let us know and depending on your area, we will either personally deliver a copy or send a copy first class recorded. This service is free of charge.
  6. Super-Quick Ordering Service
    Need a replacement part? If we don't have it in stock, your part will be on order and to your door in the shortest time possible. Our team aim to provide parts fitting on day of delivery.

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