Frequently asked questions

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    Do we have to sign contracts for your service?
    Once you have decided to use our services, we will set you up an account on our secure system. From here, we simply register you as a client and set up your inspection dates. There are however substantial discounts available for contracting with us.
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    What will I receive during a general service inspection?
    We will give you a certificate for each piece of equipment. Any equipment we pass will then be safe and compliant with regulations. We also add stickers to the equipment to show staff, insurers and the CQC that the equipment has been inspected.
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    What happens if you fail a hoist?
    We always try to repair a failed hoist first. If the hoist cannot be repaired we will permanently decommission it. This happens rarely but has averted potentially life threatening injuries.
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    Can I still use a failed hoist? Do I need a certificate?
    If an accident occurs while using a failed or un-inspected hoist, the legal consequences for your business could be severe. We will never physically remove equipment from your home without your permission.
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    Did you fail our hoist to sell us a new one?
    No. We estimate our Engineer's have only permanently decommissioned 1% of hoists on average. Our staff never receive commission for failing or selling goods. We will always demonstrate the reasons why we have failed your hoists.
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    I've lost my certificates. Do i need another service?
    Not at all. We will always retain a copy of the certificates we give you. If you lose your copy(s), simply contact us to let us know. Once we have located the correct certificate we will send you a print out, first class recorded. There is no charge for this service.
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    Do we ring you when our equipment is due for inspection?
    Anyone in the care profession has enough to worry about without the panic of finding their equipment is overdue. Once you agree to use our service, we keep a track on the due dates of all your stored equipment and contact you.
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If you have more questions please contact us